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04-06 April 2017 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Joining in Car Body Engineering 2017

Agenda - Module 2


Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Module 1: Adhesive bonding and hybrid bonding

Module 2: Thermal and mechanical joining

- Joint session of both modules -

09.00 h Welcome and introduction to Module 2


09.10 h       The smart bodyshop - meaningful big data management in car body production
Dr. Michael Zürn, Daimler AG, DE

OEM progress reports

09.40 h Joining technology in the new Volvo V90 car body
Dr. Marcus Schmidt, Dr. Per Lindahl, Volvo Car Corporation, SE
10.10 h
  • Coffee and contacts
10.40 h New joining concept to link aluminium side panels to steel lightweight underbody constructions
Dr. Christian Schübeler, Volkswagen AG, DE; Jens Thomer, Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, DE
11.10 h Realisation of a high-performance aluminium-steel mixed joint in a fully automated car body main line
Oguzhan Eroglu, BMW Group, DE
11.40 h Use of panel forming elements in car body engineering
Peter Wurster, Carsten Bär, Audi AG, DE
  Live polls in the auditorium
12.25 h
  • Lunch break

Smart joining

13.40 h PLUG - self-piercing riveting of non-compatible materials
Fredrik Wandebäck, Swerea IVF AB, SE; Per Lindahl., Volvo Car Corporation, SE
14.10 h Potentials of industry 4.0 and machine learning for mechanical joining
Mathias Jäckel, Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU), DE
14.40 h
  • Coffee and contacts / End of Module 1

Module 2: Thermal and mechanical joining


Welding improvements

15.00 h Automated rework of weld seams
Dr. Peter Daniel, Vitronic Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH, DE
15.30 h The Twin Spot Welding Gun of Volkswagen - from the Idea to Readiness for Start of Production
Dr. Eike-Christian Klages, Volkswagen AG, DE
16.00 h Short-term resistance spot welding in connection with
high-dynamic actuators - plant concept and potential uses when joining lightweight applications
Kay Nagel, Nimak GmbH; Niels Holtschke, Universität Magdeburg, Institut für Werkstoff- und Fügetechnick; DE
16.30 h
  • Coffee and contacts
17.00 h Influence of fusion rates on the integrity of spot welded austenite-ferrite joints
Chris Frohwein, Volkswagen AG, DE
17.30 h A practical approach to evaluate the susceptibility of zinc coated steels
to liquid metal embrittlement during spot welding
Robert Sierlinger, Voestalpine Stahl GmbH, AT
18.00 h
  • Get-Together / Meet the Speakers
    The speakers of the day will be available
    for individual discussions.
19.30 h
  • Networking Night Module 2

Thursday, 6 April 2017


Module 2: Thermal and mechanical joining


New processes

08.30 h Widening the application spectrum of flow drill screw joints
Steffen Sinzel, Norbert Hornbostel, Audi AG, DE
09.00 h Potential of innovative welding technologies for the application of 7xxx series aluminum alloys in car body construction
Markus Puschmann, Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU), DE
09.30 h Potential of the capacitor discharge welding technology for joining of difficult to weld materials
and dissimilar material combinations
Dr. habil. Frank Riedel, Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU), DE
10.00 h Magnetic Pulse Welding - revival of an innovative technology
Anatoli Rebensdorf, University of Kassel, Institute for Production Technologies and Logistics,
Department of Cutting and Joining Manufacturing Processes, DE
10.30 h
  • Coffee and contacts
11.00 h Investigation on the formation of the joint between aluminum and zinc-coated steel
Christoph Lüdecke, Volkswagen AG, DE
11.30 h New dissimilar metal spot joining process for aluminum and high-tensile-strength & CEQ steel based
on the advantage of arc welding
Reiichi Suzuki, Koichi Makii, Kobe Steel Ltd., JP


12.00 h High-speed joining: A battleground to numerical simulation and experimental characterization
Michael Gerkens, Paderborn University, Laboratorium für Werkstoff- und Fügetechnik (LWF), DE
12.30 h Automated simulation of self-pierce riveting
Patrick Siegmann, Audi AG, DE
13.00 h
  • Meet the Speakers / Lunch break
    The speakers of the day will be available
    for individual discussions.

Laser technology

14.15 h Vehicle development by application of Laser Screw Welding
Norimasa Koreishi, Toru Hioki, Toyota Motor Corporation, JP
14.45 h Intelligent sensor based laser remote processing for lightweight design
Andreas Müllegger, Trumpf Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH, DE
15.15 h High Speed Laser Spot welding – Innovated joining solution for automotive
Volker Wied, IPG-Laser GmbH, DE
15.45 h OEM conclusions
OEM Advisory Board experts on trends and current challenges in car body joining technology.
16.00 h    Farewell address and end of the conference

Status of: 30.03.2017

Conference Organisation

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Jannike von Kampen

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